Clothes Dryer Repairs

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the unexpected occurs. You throw a load of damp garments in the dryer, twenty minutes later on the clothes dryer whirs its ending, and also you return to find the clothes equally as moist as they were when you left them. Oh, the humanity!

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However delay – you’re an attempted and true Do-it-yourselfer, and also I’m going to assist you fix your clothes dryer. Beginning by reading our write-up describing how a dryer functions before tackling a problem head on. For many of these issues, finding the solution could call for making use of a Volt-Ohm (VOM) reader. They can be picked up at most equipment establishments. As always, try to eliminate the troubles that are simplest to fix first.

Accessibility to most or every one of these parts will certainly call for removing numerous parts of the dryer. Be sure to track which screws go where, so when it’s time to switch every little thing up, you recognize exactly what to do. As consistently, unplug the dryer, or transform the power OFF to it prior to we start!

Trouble: The drum spins. However there is no warmth.
Option: This could be the effect of a variety of troubles. Below’s a list of things to examine and also specifics on the best ways to do it.


Fuse could be bad– Examine the fuse for a break inside. If it misbehaves, replace it with a similar fuse.
The temperature button could be bad– Use VOM to check the switch. Establish VOM to RX1, remove leads as well as touch the probes to the button’s terminals. The reading should be zero or infinity. Transform the switch, and also the reading ought to transform from absolutely no to infinity or infinity to zero. Otherwise, the button is bad.
Thermostat could be bad– Set the VOM to RX1, take a lead off among both outdoors terminals as well as push the probes to the two outdoors terminals. There need to be a reading of no. If not, it’s bad.
Home heating coils may misbehave– Establish the VOM to RX1 as well as remove the leads from the coil. Press the probes to the terminals. If the reading is no, the coil is bad.
The timer could be bad– Disconnect the leads from the electric motor. Establish the VOM to RX100. Clip the probes onto the leads. If the reading is infinity, the timer motor misbehaves.

Problem: The motor is running, but the drum isn’t rotating.
Solution: Nine breaks of ten it’s a busted belt, but there are other elements that can create this trouble.

Broken belt– Change with a similar belt. Align the new belt with the markings on the drum from the old one. The wind it around both the motor pulley block as well as the idler pulley-block.
Roller could be bad– Underneath the tumbler is a roller that the tumbler sits on. It could have become as well worn to work correctly and also might require replacing. Replacing it is basic – simply eliminate the tumbler to access and after that get rid of the keeping clip on the roller and also slide it off. Change the procedure to mount a new one.
Motor or idler sheave could be bad– Examine the pulleys to guarantee they’re still in working order.

Issue: The clothes dryer is also getting very hot.
Option: This is a very hazardous trouble and also must be inspected right away.


The vent could be clogged– Examine both the lint catch and also the vent on the outside of your house. If either is blocked, there is a threat of carbon monoxide gas build-up in our home.
Thermostat could be bad– Adhere to the same test as explained above.
Heating coils could be damaged– Adhere to very same test as detailed above.

Issue: The clothes dryer will not work at all.
Remedy: Once more, countless prospective perpetrators.

Power could be off- – Check the voltage at the electrical outlet with the VOM.
Timer or thermostat could be bad– Follow same examinations as noted above.
The incurable block could be faulty– Make use of the VOM to check for voltage at the terminal block. Be careful here, as the power has to be on for this examination. If you do not feel comfy, call a skilled electrician.
Start switch could be faulty– Establish the VOM to RX1 and get rid of one of the bring about the button. Clip the probes to the button’s terminals. The reading should be infinity. Press the start switch and the reading should change to no. Otherwise, the begin button is bad.

These, obviously, are not every little thing that can go wrong with your dryer, but just one of the most usual problems. When eliminating parts for replacement, I find keeping a note pad close by to take notes on which wire goes where, to be an important assistant. Of course, when you take your defective part to the appliance parts store, make sure to have the make and model number for your dryer, merely in case they require it. Keeping that claimed, all the best, as well as ideally your dryer, will be sound for a couple of more years.  If none of this works for you, and you need professional help, call the best appliance repairman in town.  We are the one call you need to make.